Ways to travel

Ways to travel
Traveling on a cargo ship.
A voyage on a cruise ship for a month or longer.
Experience a ride on a tuk tuk.
Traveling on a unicycle.
Travel in a cargo freighter.
Fly on a first class ticket.
Travel for days and long miles on foot.
Tour the world on a 100 year old vintage car.
Travel on a luxury private jet.
An underground Funicular.
A tricycle taxi in Vietnam.
Canal taxi in Bangkok.
Travel in the chicken bus in Central America.
A ride on the camel bus in Cuba.
Maglev train in Shanghai that rides on a magnetic field.
Hover travel on Hovercraft in the United Kingdom.
Look forward to traveling on a Hyperloop in future.
Travel on the Zero Emission Hypersonic Transport.
Looking forward to traveling on a standing airplane seats.
Travel on the driverless, two persons pods in Milton Keynes.
Look forward to traveling to space in future on the space elevator.
The soon to be built trans-atlantic train tunnel.
The Chinese  never-stopping concept train
Space tourism on the Virgin Galactic.
The Virtual Reality travelling at Australia’s Hamilton.
The Reindeer sled in Finland.
Trams in France.
The suspension Railway in Wuppertal, Germany.
The Hydrofoil in Aegina in Greece.
Gondolla in Venice.
Toboggan, Madeiran.
The Trolley electric Bus in Russia.
The aerial tramway in Klein Matterhorn, Switzerland.
Travel through ice on the monstrous Terra Bus in Athabasca Glacier, Canada.
Travel across a canopy on the zip lines in Costa Rica.
Coco Taxi, Varadero, Havana in Cuba.
Ice Angel at Wisconsin in USA.
Travel on a Dog Sled in Alaska.
Reed boat (Barco De Totora), Lake Titicana in Peru.
Bamboo train in Cambodia.
Dubai Trolley.
House Boat in Kerala India. 
Bullet train (Shinkansen) Tokyo.
Ride on an elephant in Luang Prabang in Laos.
Tangah horse ride in Pakistan.
Habal Habal in Philippines.
Shotover Jet over the Shotover Rive Canyons in New Zealand.
Matatus in Kenya.
Felucca in Egypt.
Traghetto in Venice.
Monte Toboggan, Madeira.
Jeepney in the Philippines.
Travel on a long tail boat in Thailand.
The Songthaew in Laos.
A DUKW ride in London.
The Human Car FM4.
Have fun riding the couch bike.
Cycle the Champiot Ultra quadcycle.
Peddling the pedal powered pub in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Minneapolis.
The treadmill bike.
Travel at a 17 miles per hour on an AquaSkipper.
Have the Indian Commuter Train experience in India.
Experience the people flooded ferry ride in Bangladesh.
Be ridden on a rail cart in Philippines.
Ride on the Mokoro in Botswana across Okavango Delta.
The Amfibus in the Netherlands.
The Moving footpath in Hong Kong.
The luxurious EC135 Hermes Helicopter.
The largest cruise ship in the world, MS Oasis of Seas.
Travel on the expensive and luxurious Airbus ACJ319.
The Sunreef Yatch Power 115.
The Vantare Platinum Plus.