Places to Go Bucket List

  1. Witness the northern lights in Alaska.
  2. Hike at the Machu Pichu.
  3. Camping in the Amazon.
  4. Watch the annual Serengeti wilder beast migration.
  5. Experience the thrill of the Grand Canyon
  6. Experience the wilderness of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
  7. Take a trek through the highest peak in the world, the Himalayas.
  8. Swimming with the whales and Dolphin at the Great Barrier Reef.
  9. Enjoy the dawn and the sun rising over archeological sites of Bagan.
  10. Experience the unpredictable wilderness of the frozen Antarctica.
  11. Explore the wonder-filled and Legendary Great Wall of China.
  12. Witness the Beautiful work of nature at the Rapa Nui ( Easter Island)
  13. A trip to the Holy land of Jerusalem. See the Wailing Wall, and the Dome of the Rock.
  14. Visit the fascinating landscape, wildlife and engage in their traditional lifestyle.
  15. Take a trip to the empty, lonely and cold Arctic and witness the survival tactic of the marine, birds and polar bears.
  16. Travel through the mythical, wild and exotic Silk Road’
  17. Visit the dry and deserted Chile Atacama Desert.
  18. The amazing Paradise of the French Polynesia.
  19. See the natural beauties and the abundance of Great Lakes in North America.
  20. Observe the scenic, peaceful and fascinating South Island
  21. Sail through the Mississippi River while soaking up the beauty of the Great America.
  22. Explore the splendid Historical Lost City in Jordan which is also the lowest point on earth (427m below the sea level.
  23. Enjoy the fascinating view of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
  24. Discover Marfa’s Art institutions e.g. Judd Foundation and Chinati Foundation.
  25. Visit the scenic fairy Aero Island, explore the magic Castles as well as the exotic archaic beach houses.
  26. Take a trip around the Tortola, British Virgin Island while enjoying the sunshine and dazzling blue waters.
  27. Feel the beautiful weather and scene at the Napa Valley California as you enjoy the wine tasting.
  28. Experience the scenic bluffs, mouthwatering delicacies and other goodies at the Catskills in New York.
  29. Camping at the adventurous Jackson Hole in Wyoming.
  30. Visit the beautiful city of Chile for a glimpse of the beautiful Andes.
  31. The Todos Santos, Baja California Sur for the sunny beaches, wonderful galleries and the finger licking delicacies.
  32. Fishing at the Lofoten Island in Norway.
  33. Enjoy the pleasant beach on the Isla Holbox in Mexico.
  34. Strolling down the Blue city of Morocco Chefchaouen, painted by the Jewish Refugees.
  35. Visit the ancient Kyoto and see the Shinto Shrines and the Buddhist Temple.
  36. The nine Islands of Bocas Del Toro in Panama city,
  37. Take a trip to the wine region in Douro Valley Portugal.
  38. Go for a shopping trip at the majestic pink city of Jaipur in India.
  39. Enjoy the splendid white Sandy Beaches, the Mountain Ranges and the delicious sea food at Busan, South Korea.
  40. Historic hilltop fortress and beaches at the Hvar, Croatia.
  41. Mountain biking, hiking and climbing the red rock in Moab Utah.
  42. The historic sites of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the boat ride and scooter ride across the city.
  43. Whale watching, surfing, and hiking at Tofino, British Columbia.
  44. Weekend away at the Charleston, South Carolina.
  45. Relaxation and sunset cruise at the Turks and Caivos paradise.
  46. Enjoy the amazing art collection in Berlin Germany.
  47. Santa Barbara in California to down some of the finest wine in the world.
  48. Summer vacation at the Martha Vineyard in Massachusetts.
  49. Sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and sea delicacies at Galle in Sri Lanka.
  50. The mind-blowing sceneries at the National Museum of Tbilisi in Georgia.
  51. The deserted Island of Tasmania to dine and observe the beautiful landscapes in Hobart.
  52. Ponte Vendra in Florida for the conducive all year weather and the sun and sand at the beach.
  53. The Crete in Greece for the amazing Greek food, boat ride, hike and swimming.
  54. Sedona in for the fascinating red rock formation.
  55. Guayaquil in Ecuador for the stunning land marks, art galleries, and night ferry ride.
  56. The Modena in Italy to see the stunning catholic churches (the Duomo of Modena), Ferrari Museum and the 18th Century Monastery.
  57. Portland Maine for the amazing lobsters, oysters, natural wine and great local beer.
  58. Soak in the beauty of the art scenes in Honolulu Hawaii,
  59. Placencia in Belize for diving with the whale sharks.
  60. Camping at the Cumberland Island in Georgia.
  61. Valle de Guadeloupe for fine wine that is found nowhere else in the world.
  62. A safari to the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia.
  63. Hiking and snorkeling at the St. John U.S Virgin Islands.
  64. Visit the beautiful coast of Sidi Boud Said in Tunisia.
  65. Mandalay in Myanmar for ancient sceneries and monasteries.
  66. The Emerald Isle for the incredible coastal sceneries, archaic sites and the coastal arena.
  67. Glacier National Park in Montana to see the turquoise glacial lakes and rivers and the cliffs that dive into the clouds.
  68. The Santorini in Greece view the pure white buildings at white cliff which are an aftermath of a deadly volcanic eruption.
  69. Encounters with the wildlife at the Galapagos Islands.
  70. Discover the historic and scenic Scotting Highlands.
  71. Enjoy the amazing details of natural beauty at the Cinque Tierre, Northern Italy.
  72. Visit the aging yet beautiful city of Rome.
  73. Cherish the attractive scenes at the Switzerland’s Alpine Mountains.
  74. The Iceland, to enjoy the view of the alluring Blue Lagoon
  75. Explore the heavenly Milford Sound in New Zealand.
  76. Get bewildered by the mysterious ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
  77. New Zealand to see where the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies were filmed.
  78. Cable access to the top of the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.
  79. Cambodia, to see the high temples at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.
  80. Learn the geopolitical events of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire and take part in the traditional heritage.
  81. Trip to Japan for a taste of their amazing delicacies and engage in their deeply rooted culture.
  82. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral, the Palace and Park of Versailles and see the Decorated Cave of Pont d’Arc in Paris.
  83. The bungee jumping off Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand.
  84. Pamploma for the running of the bulls in Spain.
  85. Stand at the four corners where Utah meets with Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
  86. Peru for a taste of the variety of Pisco Products only found there.
  87. Visit Vermont for a taste of the IPA only limited to Stowe.
  88. Visit the Ardbeg Distillery for the vast variety of scotch in Scotland.
  89. A trip to the Tennessee for the fine whiskey, i.e. the Jack Daniel’s
  90. Enjoy the rarely available Brennivin in Iceland
  91. Down a thrilling shot of Horilka drink only found in Ukraine.
  92. Have an opportunity to sip the over 20,000 Sake products found only in Japan.
  93. Travel to the Duplin in Ireland to drink the Guinness from its point of origin.
  94. Make your way into Brazil for a taste of over 51 types of Cachaca.
  95. Make a date with France for the divine Champagne.
  96. Visit the Russian Distillery for the taste of the high quality Beluga vodka.
  97. The Distillery in London for Gin and Tonic.
  98. See the ice frozen Jokulsarlon Beach.
  99. Camping at the Vik in Iceland.