Health bucket list ideas
Accomplish three pull-ups
Achieve my ideal weight
Achieve six-pack abs
Do a backflip
Do more than one handed push up a day
Do a roundhouse kick
Do half-moon yoga pose
Do the splits
Be fitter 
Become a black belt in karate
Become a bodybuilder
Become a size 10
Become a triathlete
Bike across the country
Climb a steep rock
Compete in a fitness competition
Compete in a surf competition
Complete 4hr body challenge
Complete 60 day insanity transformation
Complete 90 days of p90x
Complete a 10k competitive run race
Complete a 10km run
Do a 30 day juice fast?
Complete a 5km competitive run race
Participate in a half marathon
Complete a sprint distance triathlon
Complete an ironman triathlon
Complete an ultra-marathon
Complete ironman Kona
Complete open water dive certification
Complete the 00 push-up challenge
Complete the body for life challenge
Complete the seven summit
Give up fast food for a month
Deadlift 500 pounds
Do "insanity" fitness program
For 10 days
Do 100 kettlebell swings in one shot
Do 100 sit ups in 5 minutes
Do 25 straight pull-ups
Do a 180 while skiing
Do a backflip
Do a base jump
Do a body suspension
Do a double front flip?
Do a full split
Do a handstand for 10 minutes
Do a juice fast
Do a warrior dash-type run
Downhill biking
Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning
Drink only water for a year
Drop 15 kilo's this year
Enter the cooper hill cheese roll
Exercise more than 4 times a week
Exercise daily in the morning
Exercise consistently for 3 months
Find a sport you love and be an expert at it
Finish a half ironman competition
Finish first place in a race
Get 6-pack abs
Become the best at basketball
Achieve your dream weight
Attend weight loss dance sessions
Go deep sea diving
Do a lot of hiking
Go ice skating
Go mountain climbing
Go on a health retreat
Go on a midnight bike ride
Go paddle boarding
Run every morning
Attend a belly dancing club
Participate in a boxing match
Have a healthy bmi
Achieve your dream body
Increase flexibility
Join a gym
Join a running club
Join a salsa class
Join a yoga class
Join the a marathon club
Lose over 100 lbs.
Cut your body fat to less than 10%
Strive to retain your weight during the holidays
Participate in a swimming race
Reach a healthy weight
Run 10 laps in 30 minutes
Run 5k every day for a month 
Take part in all charity races
Start a steady exercise routine
Stick on a diet
Swim across a lake
Take a ballroom dancing course
Train for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu 
Become a vegetarian
Weigh less than 80kg
Workout everyday
Become a blood donor
Hike up Pikes Peak
Be able to do a 180 degree penche 
Be healthy enough to feel confident in a bikini