Bucket list food
Fresh Sushi in Tokyo

Beignets in New Orleans
Ceviche in Peru
Smoked Meat in Montreal
Lobster Rolls in Maine
Wine and Cheese in Paris
Street Food in Bangkok

Truffles in Piedmont, Italy

Oysters in Seattle
Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Pierogi in Poland
“Brekkie” in Sydney
Tapas in San Sebastian, Spain
Tacos in Mexico City
Fresh Poke in Hawaii
BBQ in Hill Country
BBQ in North Carolina
BBQ in Kansas City
Pho in Vietnam
Steak in Argentina
Pizza in New York City


Trying a fast food at Chipotle
Go Vegetarian for a month
 Bottomless Brunch
Eat at an Edible Museum in New York
Eat Ice Cream for an entire day
Eat at a food truck
Fruit picking
DIY cheese
Eat Samples at Costco for lunch
Try a Quirky Hybrid food
Try Raw Oysters
Eat Ethiopian food
Try Dim Sum
Bite away the Macaron
Try a bizarre Ice Cream flavor
Munch away a fancy Hot Dog
Snacking at a Movie Theater
Take part in a food eating contest
Make food art
Eat Southern BBQ

Attend a murder mystery dinner
Eat 200 Oysters in at a go
Eat the spiciest food on Earth
Eat a Sink Full of Ice Cream in Under 30 Minutes
Compete in a Chubby Bunny challenge
Eat at a restaurant from your favorite TV show
Eat a whole pizza by yourself
Eat at the French Laundry
Hunt for Truffles
Create Your Own Cocktail
Dismember a chicken
Make fresh pasta
Wine tasting from the barrel
Go to a food factory
Prepare a signature delicacy
Make a herb garden
Eat an Escargot
Pick fruit from a tree and make a pie
Make Ice Cream at home
Brew some homemade beer
Have a Bellini at Harry’s Bar in Venice
Make a Gingerbread House
Learn the proper wine tasting procedure
Make a family recipe book
Attend a cooking lesson from a different country
Tour a vast vineyard
Milk a cow
Boil a Live Lobster
Shuck an Oyster
Eat some disgusting food e.g. worm cakes or crunchy bugs

Recreate a dish from a different country

Create latte art
Make and bottle your own wine
Enter a recipe contest
Extract honey from a beehive