Career / Profession

Career/ profession

Become a flight attendant

Ask for a pay raise

Be elected to a political office

Be your own boss

Be the sheriff of a small town

Be time magazine's person of the year

Become a ballet dancer

Become a bartender

Become a billionaire

Become a certified personal trainer

Become a certified sky diver

 Become a corporal in the marine corps

Become a counselor at a summer camp in America

.Become a dancer

 Become a dentist

Become a dive master

Become a doctor

Become a dual citizen

Become a famous business women

Become a famous chef

Become a farmer

Become a film maker

Become a freelance writer

Become a full-time firefighter

Become a geologist

Become a good horse trainer

Become a good kick boxer

Become a journalist

Become a judge

Become a kindergarten teacher

Become a landlord

Become a lawyer

Become a legend

Become a licensed pilot

 Become a life coach

Become a lifeguard

Become a martial arts instructor

Become a master marksman

Become a memory artist

Become a military police officer

Become a millionaire

Become a model

Become a nomad

Become a nurse

 Become a nurse in the army

Become a paramedic

Become a personal trainer

 Become a pharmacist

Become a philanthropist

Become a photographer

Become a politician

Become a priest

Become a professional athlete

Become a professional cook

Become a professional dancer

Become a professor

 Become a programmer

Become a psychologist

Become a psychotherapist

Become a published author

Become a qualified scuba diver

Become a recognized economist

 Become a registered organ donor

Become a registered scientist

 Become a reiki master

Become a runway model

Become a sage

 Become a sailboat captain

Become a scientist

Become a scratch golfer

Become a senator

Become a sommelier

Become a special education teacher

Become a stamp collector

Become a stand-up comedian

Become a supermodel

Become a teacher

Become a translator

Become a travel writer

Become a united Nations interpreter

Become a very successful lawyer

Become a voice actor

Become a wild life photographer

Become a wine connoisseur

Become a world renowned artist

Become a yoga instructor

Become a yoga master

Become a youth sports coach

Become a zen master

Become an achieved baker

 Become an architect

Become an art collector

Become an attorney

Become an author a successful blog

Become an entrepreneur

Become an expert scuba-diver

Become an interior designer

Become an investigator

Become an officer in the united states army

Become a city mayor

 Create a profitable business

Direct a movie

Direct a play

Direct a film before you are 25

Do a successful comedy routine

Do engineering design work on Ducati motorcycles

Do some time in the peace corps

Do something you love for a living

Dramatically quit a job you hate

Earn $1000 in one week

Earn $100k a year

Earn a million dollars

 Earn pocket money

Enjoy my career

Figure out a career

Find a dream job

Find a job before you turn 18

Find a job that doesn't feel like work

Get a job as a teaching assistant

Get a job as a tour guide

Get a photo published in magazine

Get a photograph published in national geographic

Get a teaching job in a foreign country

Get an internationally-known award

Get elected into parliament

Get employed at Pixar

Get my own Wikipedia page

 Have a profitable online business

Have a seat in government

Have a weekend job

Have your name on Wikipedia

Have your own boutique

Have your own clothing line

Have your own company

Have your paintings exhibited in a gallery

Incorporate a business

Join a union

Join the air force

Join the civil air patrol

 Land a job in voice over

Land first dancing gig

Launch my own t-shirt clothing line

Make a $5,000 profit in one day

Manage a nightclub

Model in a professional photo shoot

Obtain a patent

Open a bakery

Open a coffee shop

Open a haunted attraction

Open a micro cinema

Open a restaurant

Open an antique shop

Open my own accounting office

Organize a conference

Register as a psychologist

Start a new profession

Start a successful restaurant

Turn a passion into a way to make money

Work as a computer animator

Work as a counselor

Work as a Disney princess

Work as a researcher

 Work as a ski instructor

Work as a social worker

Work as a teacher

Work as a tour manager

Work as a Walt Disney imaginer

Work as an art director

Work at a daycare

Work at a football club

Work at a publishing company

Work for a culinary magazine

Work for a feminist organization

Work for a nonprofit

Work for a political party

Work in a bar

Work in a zoo

Work in another country

Crew a hot air balloon

Work on a Vineyard

Make it to the wall of fame

Become a mentor

Be a model in a photoshoot

Start your own business

Get an MBA

Write a best seller

Have a home office