Beauty Bucket List

  1. Fashionably wear a corset
  2. Learn to wrap a sari dress
  3. Learn to French braid
  4. Learn to tie a bowtie
  5. Watch a high-end fashion show
  6. Try eye color changing contacts for a day
  7. Do Ru Paul's makeup
  8. Get a manicure and pedicure
  9. Dye all of your clothes different colors
  10. Be fitted for a suit
  11. Shave your pubic hair into a fun design
  12. Wear cat whiskers for a day
  13. Use an ear wax candle
  14. Get a free makeover in a department store
  15. Shave your head for a cancer patient
  16. Wear a thong bikini in Miami
  17. Practice walking in high heels
  18. Get a henna design on hands for a special occasion
  19. Get a Brazilian wax in Brazil
  20. Buy a pimp hat  make it work with a normal outfit
  21. Own a pair of crocodile skin loafers
  22. Have your body painted like the Pink Panther
  23. Host a lingerie tea party
  24. Get a gold or silver cap on one a "smile" tooth
  25. Practice the sun salutation on a daily basis
  26. Experiment with a new hairstyle and/or color
  27. Be a drag queen/king for a day
  28. Get a couple of body piercings
  29. Get dental work done in southern Mexico
  30. Get plastic surgery done in Thailand