Camp out in a treehouse
Stomp on wine grapes
Ride in a hot air balloon
See the northern lights
Ride a dolphin
Travel to Italy
Ride in a helicopter
Take a cruise
Sing karaoke
Go to Paris
Get married
Ride an elephant
Bungee jump
Become a parent
Ride a jet ski
Go to New York
Visit Hawaii
Hold a snake
Sleep in a haunted hotel
Build a campfire
Drive a racecar
Write a book
Ride in a limousine
Send a message in a bottle
Donate blood
See a Broadway play
Find true love
Go canoeing
Create a loving home
See Yellowstone National park
Get in your best shape
See Stone Hedge
Go white water rafting
See the rainforest
See an iceberg
Travel to Greece
Crash a wedding
See the Sistine Chapel
Chase a tornado
Visit a fortune teller
Go to Burning Man festival
Say yes to your kids all day for one day
Get a tattoo
Play paintball
Jump off a cliff
Go on a blind date
Have safe sex with a stranger
Hold a monkey
Ride a horse
Milk a cow
Drive through the Redwood forest
Cover the bed in rose petals
Visit your childhood home
Go skinny dipping
Be blonde
Color your hair red
Get a massage
Have a professional facial
Go without makeup for one week
Own a piece of Tiffany jewelry
Boil a lobster
Eat an insect
Walk on a nude beach
Buy yourself flowers
Learn to belly dance
Learn a new hobby
Treat yourself to new red lipstick
Ride in a convertible
Go without a bra
Run through a field of flowers
Tell your crush your feelings
Play beach volleyball
Do yoga
Eat dinner at fancy restaurant alone
Have a one-night stand
Let your married friends update your dating profile
Host a party
Learn self defense
Buy something you can’t afford, but really want
Get your finances in order
Sit at a bar alone
Ride the train
Live alone
Pick up someone you think is attractive
Get lost in the library
Travel to a foreign country alone
Go on an all-night date, and only kiss him goodbye
Find the perfect little black dress
Invest in a pair of killer heels
Find your confidence
Keep a journal
Own chickens
Learn to sew
Learn one funny joke
Pay it forward
Let a child run his fingers through your hair
Ride a camel
Hire a singing telegram for someone you love
Buy the Chanel bag