Climb a Volcano
Climb to the Top of a Tree
Compete in a Frog Jumping Contest
Complete a Horse Jumping Obstacle
Drive Through a Dust Storm
Feed a Crocodile
Feed a Koala Bear
Feed an Ostrich
Herd Cattle
Hike Every Trail at a State Park
Hold a Monkey

Hold a Tarantula Size Spider
Horseback Ride on the Beach
 Hug a Redwood
Kiss a Sea Lion
Kiss in the Rain
Make a Snowman
Milk a Cow
Name a Star
Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean
Ride in a Horse & Carriage
Roll in a Huge Pile of Leaves
See a Coral Reef
See the Salmon Run
Shear a Sheep 
Sleep in a Stable on a Haystack
Sleep in a Yurt
Sleep in an Igloo
Stand Under a Waterfall
Start Fire Without Matches 
Swim in the Ocean
Swim with a School of Fish
Swim with Manatees 
 Swim with Sea Turtles
Take a Falconry Class
Walk on a Black Sand Beach 
Watch a Caterpillar Turn into a Butterfly
 Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day
Witness a Solar Eclipse
 Whale Watching 
Animals that you must see
Lemurs of Madagascar
Pandas of China
Penguins of Chile
Orang-utans of Borneo
The Big 15 of Galapagos Islands
Canoe safari in Okavango Delta
Tiger safari in India
The Wildebeest Migration in East Africa
The Wildebeest Migration in East Africa
Gorilla trekking in Uganda
Grey Wolf, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
The elephants in Africa
Puffins, Iceland
The blue whale
Marmots in Europe
Humpback Whale, East Coast of Australia
Cheetah in Eastern and Central Africa
Red Deer in Europe
Whale shark
An old gigantic tortoise
Kangaroo in Australia
Sea lion 
Killer whale 
Beluga Whale Florida, USA
Walrus Florida, USA
Manatee Florida, USA
Stingray Caribbean
Bucket List for your dog
prepare a Gourmet Meal for your dog
teach your dog New Tricks everyday
Get it to stand on a paddle board
Get it a Social Media Fan page
Watch the Puppy Bowl
take it  to a Dog Park
Give your dog a doggie massage
get your dog to swim in the ocean
take it to a hike in a National Park
Attend the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Have a Doggy Birthday Park
Visit a Nursing Home
Make it a star in a dog calendar
Walk on the Beach
Arrange Picnic for your dog
Take your dog to a camp
Get your doggie Play Date